Town of Dagsboro Delaware


The town of Dagsboro’s origins date back to approximately 1630, when a tribe of Blackfoot Indians migrated south from New Jersey and settled on a Tributary of a large body of water known as the Indian River. The village was called Blackfoot Town, and as English settlers found their way to the area and the Indians gradually moved near the Nanticoke River, the settlement retained the name of Blackfoot Town. In 1774, William Penn granted a tract of land which included Blackfoot Town to General John Dagsworthy, who fought in the Revolutionary War. The name of Blackfoot Town was changed to Dagsborough in honor of Gen. Dagsworthy, and some time later (a specific date is unknown) the name of the town was changed to its current spelling of Dagsboro.

In 2015, the town of Dagsboro’s population is approximately 850 residents. A five-person Town Council governs the town, along with a Town Administrator and four-person Police Department. Dagsboro is in the Indian River School District, with Indian River High School within the town’s borders. The Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department, with 100 members, completed construction on a new, state of the art Fire Station in 2014.

The Town of Dagsboro features a mix of history, small-town charm and modern conveniences. Prince George’s Chapel dates back to 1755 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Clayton Theatre, the last single-screen theatre in Delaware to show first-run movies, recently converted to all-digital projection to meet the demands of the modern-day moviegoer. Katie Helm Park is the perfect spot for young children to laugh
and play.

From antique shops downtown to a modern shopping center on Rt. 113, we welcome you to the Town of Dagsboro – see what we have to offer!