Town of Dagsboro Delaware

Prince George’s Cemetery

Date Posted: Wednesday, March 16th, 2022
The Town has recently performed an inspection of the Prince George’s Cemetery and we have found that there are many violations in regard to the removal of decorations in a timely fashion. Please note the following rules and regulations and remove decorations by March 23rd, 2022 or the Town will remove them for you.
12. During the course of maintenance, the Council of the Town of Dagsboro shall not be responsible for the removal or damage of any flowers, plants, wreaths, or memorials placed on the graves.
13. Flowers and decorations should be removed in a timely manner: example – Christmas flowers should be removed before Easter, and Easter flowers should be removed before Memorial Day, etc. The Town of Dagsboro reserves the right to remove the outdated or damaged decorations.
Should you have any questions please contact Town Hall at (302) 732-3777.
Thank you
Town Administration